Type: Fighter
   Empty: 2,255kg.
   Take-off: 3,100 kg.
Length: 9.05m
Wingspan: 10.6 m
Wingarea: 17.3 sq. m.
Engine: Daimler-Benz DB 605A-1.
Indicated: 1,355 HP
Take-off: 1,475 HP
Sea level: 520 km/h.
At 7,000m: 666 km/h.
Turn time at an altitude of 1,000m: ? sec.
Climb to 3,000m: 2.9 min.
Climb in a combat turn: ? m.
Service ceiling: 12,000 m.
Range: 545 km.
2x7.92 mm (MG 17)
1x20 mm (MG 151/20).

Delays in production of the new Fokke-Wulf FW-190 fighters resulted in Luftwaffe headquarters asking Messerschmitt director Willy Messerschmitt to create a new improved variant on the Bf-109 aircraft - the Bf-109G, equipped with a new more powerful engine and featuring stronger armament.
The serial Bf-109F aircraft was taken as the basis for the modification. A Daimler-Benz DB 605A-1 engine (power 1.475 HP) was chosen as a power plant. It could develop 1,355 HP at 6,000m using GM-1 boost (the GM-1 was used on some G-versions with pressurized cockpits: it was not used on the Russian front). The new aircraft was supposed to come with a pressurized cockpit that would prevent pressure drops at high altitude and would keep the exhaust gases away from the cockpit.
Serial production of the Bf-109 G series aircraft started in October 1940 and, by the end of 1942, the Bf-109G had practically replaced an earlier Bf-109F model. Together with the FW-190A aircraft, therefore, it comprised the whole aviation fleet of German day-fighters.

Main modifications:

Bf-109G-0 - Pre-serial version. Engine: DB 601E. Armament: two 7.92mm machine guns (MG 17) and a 20-mm cannon (MG 151/20) in the propeller hub. Strengthened construction. Pressurized cockpit.
Bf-109G-1 - Serial version. Engine: Daimler-Benz DB 605A-1. Armament left unchanged. Pressurized cockpit.
Bf-109G-1/Trop - Basis: the Bf-109G-1 aircraft. Armament: two 13-mm machine guns (MG 131) and a 20-mm cannon (MG 151/20) in the propeller hub.
Bf-109G-2 - Serial version of the Bf-109G-1 without pressurized cockpit.
Bf-109G-3 - Serial version of the Bf-109G-1 with different radio equipment. Pressurized cockpit.
Bf-109G-4 - Serial version of the Bf-109G-2 with different radio equipment. No pressurized cockpit.
Bf-109G-5 - Serial version. Engine: DB 605A-1 or DB 605AC. Armament: two 13-mm machine guns (MG 131) and a 20-mm cannon (MG 151/20) in the propeller hub. Pressurized cockpit.
Bf-109G-5/U2 - Modified version of the Bf-109G-5. Rear fuselage and tail assembly made of wood.

Advantages: One of the best serial front-line fighters featuring excellent flight characteristics. Strong armament. Simple and easily understood controls. Very good maneuverability and acceleration.

Disadvantages: Poor rear view from the cockpit. Heavier construction. Short range.