Competition Rules

ICAS 1 vs 1 Match Rules

I. Introduction:
These rules fit the internet cyber air sports 1 vs 1 combat items with the flight-sim platform IL2-Forgotten Battles produced by Ubi Soft. All the players should update your IL2-Forgotten Battles with the programs certificated by the match-organizer.

II. Airdrome and Airspace:
1. Airspace: Online6Island map in IL2-Forgotten Battles.

2. Time: 12 o'clock at noon in IL2-FB.

3. Clouds in the airspace near the airdrome: Few; Clouds bottom: 1,500m.

4. The airdrome locates in the center of Online6Island; Large size; Made of cement; 2 main runways: 18LEFT and 36LEFT; Altitude: 0 m. The picture is on the right:
(The map can be downloaded in the "download" page.)

5. Runways: 36LEFT for the Blue side; 18LEFT for the Red side.

6. The captive balloons (altitude: 1,800m) settled 2,300m before the end of each runway act as the return sign for the take-off fighters.

III. Match Rules:
1. Online Coop mission of 32 members, including 2 players, 1 certificated judge and 27 audiences at most.

2. Preparation: The judge, players and audiences log in the appointed server and enter the prepare hall, waiting for the judge's last test in order to confirm all the players can communicate with each other in clear voice. If some player's voice communicator doesn't work, he has to log out from the server, adjust the communicator and return to the server.

3. The players must select the fighter in the scope appointed by the judge. The mission program limits the fighter types. The players must select the skin in the appointed scope and turn off the Mark. The players could select the weapon and fuel volume freely, but can't add a tank.

4. When the server starts, all the fighters should park at the beginning point of their own runway. None of the players could operate the fighters, must wait for the judge's order.

5. When the server counting backwards finishes, the judge should read the air combat rules to the players. The details are vide post.

6. When the judge finishes reading the rules, he will send the order of "Engine Start". All the players must step on the main brake of their fighters and start the engine. When the engines start, they should draw in the accelerator idle and report all set to the judge, waiting for the take-off order.

7. When the judge confirms all the fighters are ready, he should release the following orders: "Ready; Go!" The interval between Ready and Go should be not less than 2 seconds and not longer than 3 seconds.

8. When the players heard "Ready", they can push the accelerator forward but can't slide. When they heard "Go", they should release the brakes and start sliding at once.

9. During the slide, the players shouldn't departure from either side of the runway or open fire. After the fighters take off, the players should climb along the take-off course.

10. After take-off, the players should keep searching the captive balloons (altitude: 1,200m) settled 2,300m before the end of each runway. The players should make their fighters circle the moorage rope of the captive balloons within the semidiameter of 300m and turn the course to the take-off airdrome. The players could choose the turning direction (left or right), but must circle around the moorage rope of the captive balloons and mustn't shoot at the captive balloons.

11. When the fighters round over the moorage rope of the captive balloons, the judge announces the combat begins. All the players should be ready to fight. The picture is on the right:

12. During the air combat, the players on both sides could fly and fire freely without enter the airspace over the sea in Online6Island. If one fighter enters this airspace, it is regarded as giving up the round and the pilot as bailout. At the same time, the opposite side will gain the score for shooting one enemy down.

13. To encourage attack, before the judge announces the end of the combat, none of the players should land on his own if his fighter works and could fire. If in this case one fighter land on its own, it is regarded as being shot down by the enemy and the opposite side will gain the score for shooting one enemy down.

14. To encourage attack, shooting at the opposite planes at any state is permitted before the judge announces the end of the combat. However, shooting at the bailout pilot is forbidden.

15. The air combat will stop 10 minutes after take-off and "Red Win" will be displayed on the screen. It doesn't mean the Red side wins, but means the air combat must stop at once. The judge should announce the end of combat when seeing "Red Win" and all the fighters in the sky should stop fighting immediately. If one fighter is shooting at the enemy when "Red Win" appears, the judge should announce the combat ends soon after the end of this continuous fire and guide every fighter into their landing course. Any fire is forbidden after the announcement of end.

16. After the announcement of end, all the fighters could operated by the pilots must build up their landing course according to the judge's guide and land with their eyes looking at the marks on the runways (36LEFT for the Blue side and 18LEFT for the Red side). When all the fighters have landed, force landed successfully, crashed or exploded and the pilots have been killed or reached the ground safely after hitting the silk, the judge announces the end of this round.

IV. IL2-Forgotten Battles Reality Setup:

Reality Item
Separate Engine Start
Complex Engine Management
Engine Overheat
Torque & Gyro Effects
Flutter Effects
Wind & Turbulence
Stalls & Spins
Realistic Gunnery
Limited Ammo
Limited Fuel
Cockpit Always On
No External Views
Head Shake
No Icons
No Padlock
No Instant Success
Takeoff & landings
Realistic landings
No Map Icons
No Minimap Path
No Speed Bar

1. Open of the EXTERNAL VIEW is for the audience watching. The players can't use the EXTERNAL VIEW since the related keys are shielded.

2. Customizing the ICONS means special icon display is permitted. The detail setup: display the color and fighter type within 3km. The open of icons is for the requirement of judge's distinguishing, audience watching and video rebroadcast.

V. Fighter Types Selection:
BF109G2 is the only appointed fighter type in 1 vs 1 match at present.
(The skin of BF109G2 can be downloaded in the "download" page.)

VI. Score:
1. For military success:
1) Burst the opposite planes in the sky, shoot it to crash, kill the pilot, let him bailout or force it land within the limited time: +100/plane
2) Force the opposite planes land by themselves within the limited time:
(not including the crashes) +100/plane

2. For states:
1) Land safely in own airdrome: -0
2) Rush out of the runway when take-off or land: -10
3) Crash or land out of own airdrome (the pilot is safe): -20
4) Safe bailout: -30
5) Pilot killed: -100

3. For rules:
Intent shoot at the pilot who hits the silk: -500/player

4. Explanation:
1) Burst in sky: the plane explodes or on fire
2) Crash: the plane hit the ground and damaged
3) KIA: the virtual pilot is dead
4) Hit the silk: the virtual pilot leave the cabin and land safely
5) Force landing: land out of the runway of one's own airdrome

VII. Victory or Defeat:
At the end of each round of air combat, count the players' scores according to the rules upwards and judge the victory or defeat by the scores.

VIII. Device and Net Faults:
1. If some player's net is too slow that the fighter drifts seriously and affects the match, the match should stop and wait for the judge to change the server.

2. If the net is cut off or the hardwares/devices don't work so that the match couldn't complete, this round should stop. The player whose net was cut off or hardware/device didn't work is regarded as having given up the plane and hit the silk, but his opposite side won't get the score for military success.

IX. Judgment:
If both sides don't agree on the scores after the end of the match, the final judgment should be made by the arbitration team according to the track file of this match.