Brief Introduction on Cyber Air Sports
We are flying with the flight-sim software in the PC, experiencing the air combat through the Internet...

With the development of PC software, hardware and network for these decades, today's games are no longer the simple pictures or operation before, but the combination of imagination, technology and specialties, especially the flight-sim software which give people their own skies for flying freely. Its specialty and practicability can't be compared with common games.

The flight-sim software is one of the main game software. After several decades of hard work of several generations of software and hardware engineers, plane designers, pilots and the flying fans all over the world, we are able to travel the whole world sitting in our home now. We can experience the violence and stimulation of air combat, appreciate the charm of flying, enrich our knowledge and build the excellent personality in the amusement.

The concept of Cyber Air Sports was defined in 2003 for the first time. As we all known, the real flying is a sport of high cost and risk, so it can't be popularized widely. Furthermore, even if you could fly a real plane in the sky, you could hardly taste such an experience that to keep calm in the violent dive, hovering, climbing and roll, make the max performance of the fighter, hold the minimal chance with careful operation and smart estimation, and gain the final victory! This is the real competition of wisdom, belief, courage and perseverance between human beings. Different from other cyber sports based on other games, cyber air sports requires the joiners to grasp much basic theories, operating techniques and air combat skills nearly the same to the real flight, and practise hardly for a long time. It is a new popular sport of abundant connotation and much challenge, which has important realistic significance in the early aviation education, popularity and personal qualification cultivation.

As one of the pan-aviation sports, cyber air sports will be the safest, most economical and easiest popularized aviation sport. Moreover, as the cyber sport which of the most reality, technology and connotation, cyber air sports will be the most lively and potential item.