Outline of Wuhan . Optics Valley of China
On July, 2001, approved by the National Development Plan Committee and the National S&T Department, Wuhan East Lake Development Zone became the base of national optoelectronic information industry. From then on, the construction of Wuhan . Optics Valley of China started all around. East Lake Development Zone carved out for the second time.
Wuhan . Optics Valley of China has an area layout of 50 km2, 4 km2s of which has been erected.

Wuhan . Optics Valley of China is the largest optoelectronic information base in China, where gathers 18 universities, 56 departmental and provincial science research institutes, 10 national key labs, 7 national engineering technology centers and nearly 1 thousand optoelectronic enterprises, which have over 100 thousand scientific workers, among whom there are 10 academicians are pioneers in the optoelectronic information field. It is one of the most intelligence-intensive areas in China. The comprehensive science and educational strength stands the third place in China.

Wuhan . Optics Valley of China has opened to APEC member countries. It has investment from corporations in many countries and districts in the world, such as Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Lucent, Philips, ABB, Xerox, NEC, Matsui, West House and Siemens.